3 Reasons to Use Wood Chips in a Backyard Landscape

Ever wonder what to do with all those branches that are removed from a tree in the front or backyard? Why not put them to good use by turning them into Wood Chips? Many homeowners don’t realize that these items, often tossed aside and thrown away, can actually give their property a little something extra. From adding an aesthetic appeal to reducing evaporation, homeowners can really benefit from those branches cut down from the family tree. Check out these three reasons to use the chips in the backyard landscape.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most noticeable reasons to use Wood Chips in the backyard is the look it creates. Wood chips that are spread around trees and other plant growth create a more uniform look to the space. They give the property a natural appeal and can help the entire area look more put together. While gravel can provide a similar look, for many homeowners, gravel doesn’t seem as cozy and inviting.

Reduce Weeds

Chips of wood can be spread out over a garden in order to reduce the number of weeds that make it through to the surface. Be sure to create a layer of chips at least two inches in depth to prevent weeds from breaking through. Most of the time, if weeds do come up, they are weak and very easy to pick out of a garden. Don’t give up on the dream of a garden or a lush backyard because of weeds. With the help of these chips, the number and strength of weeds is severely reduced.

Prevent Evaporation

Outside of weeds, another common homeowner complaint is watering plants. It seems like watering needs to be done all the time and not all of the water is reaching the plants. As the sun shines down, some of the water that sits on the surface of the soil begins to evaporate, causing water to be wasted and plants not getting everything they need. A layer of wood chips can prevent evaporation and make sure that watering the plants is more effective and efficient. It could cut down on the amount of water the yard actually needs to thrive.

With the help of Timberline Tree Service, you can take those old branches from trees around the yard and turn them into something that can help revive your backyard landscape.

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