Get the Treatment You Need with Periodontics in Lawrence, KS

If you have been referred by your dentist to a periodontist, it is completely normal to wonder how this specialist can help you. Rather than sticking with your regular dentist, when you visit a periodontist, you will be able to get professional help from an expert who has had additional training and education in the diagnosing, prevention, and treatment of gum disease. This can ensure that your oral health is as good as possible to improve your overall health.

Get Treatment for Gum Disease

One of the main reasons to seek periodontics services is to deal with gum disease. Unfortunately, when left untreated, gum disease will progress from simple inflammation and bleeding of the gums to you actually losing your teeth. Additionally, this has also been linked to more severe medical problems such as heart disease. When you see a periodontist, they will be able to treat your gum disease.

Surgical Intervention Is Sometime Necessary

One benefit of seeing an expert in periodontics in Lawrence, KS is that they will be able to complete surgical intervention, if necessary, to improve your oral health. This type of treatment can include tissue grafts, flap or pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts, and even bone surgery. It’s imperative that you only see an expert for this advanced treatments so you can be sure that you get the best possible care.

Finding an expert in periodontics doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible. When you get professional care for your teeth and your mouth, you can rest easy knowing that your overall health will be as good as possible, and that any advance treatment you need will be performed by an expert.

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