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How many copies of a front entry key should a family own? Everyone worries about home security, and the front door is a weak spot. No one wants to make the work of a thief easier. It is important to have enough keys available to make sure the right people can get inside, but not so many keys floating around that strangers may have access.

After a Move

Replacing door locks or rekeying a lock is the first step to take after moving into a new home. Make duplicate keys at once after the new lock is in place to prevent any lockouts. Most sets come with at least two keys, but a visit to Duplicate Key Making Central in El Paso TX can prevent any late-night lockout calls to the locksmith.

Pass Keys Out

All adults living in the home should have their own key to avoid the inconvenience of someone waiting outside for their partner or roommate to arrive home. Experts no longer recommend giving a neighbor or family member a key. In recent years, a sizable percentage of burglars have been people that were related to the victim or lived in the neighborhood. Only give keys to people that are very well known for several years and are willing to swap their own housekey at the same time.

Remember the Kids

Parents do not want their kids locked out on the porch or sidewalk waiting for someone to let them in. Make a copy for them too when stopping by the Duplicate Key Making Central in El Paso TX. It may not be necessary if the child is forgetful or irresponsible or would not use the key often. Only give keys to kids that may come home to an empty house and are mature enough to understand the importance of their safety and the security of the home.

Digital door locks and other high-tech security features may make a simple door key seem outdated, but most homeowners still choose this as the most trusted and simplest method of securing their home. What is outdated are fake rocks for hiding keys, tossing a key under a doormat or putting one in a plant pot on the porch. If lockouts become too common because of the lack of a spare key, please Visit us to have some duplicates made for friends and family.

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