Getting a Place for Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne, IN

Marriage is a wonderful thing for couples to be involved in and has the potential to last a long time. Therefore couples are usually very selective about what all is involved in their special day, including the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception. There is a business that offers a place for couples to have their Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN. Here are some details that couples may feel worthy to note about their wedding receptions.

About the Wedding Reception

When planning a wedding reception, there are many variables that may have to be considered, such as how many people will be in attendance, what the menu will consist of, and who will provide the music for the couple’s first dance. Part of this will include interviewing several caterers for the food, looking at a few bands or disc jockeys, deciding how much space will be needed, and narrowing down the time. It will be necessary to know how many people will be in attendance, so as to give the caterer an idea of how many people to prepare for.

More about Planning the Wedding Reception

More things that couples may want to think about is color coordination for the banquet hall with whatever the colors are for the wedding, as this will make the occasion really one to remember. The anticipating couple will also want to commemorate the occasion with a photographer and a videographer, enabling a lasting memory of the wedding reception. To get a better idea of how the wedding reception could turn out, talking to a coordinator who can help lay it out and rent a place for the occasion.

Who to Call for Help

Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center has been providing catering solutions for customers in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area for more than 25 years. Customers can be assured of quality catering services that include, but are not limited to fine food and beverages, entertainment and a fairly good-sized banquet hall that will seat up to 500 heads. If there are any couples interested in renting a hall for Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN, the business is available. To Book your date, visit the website at

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