Getting Assistance from a Car Accident Attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado is one of those states that attracts a lot of tourists to the great Rocky Mountains and the various ski resorts. This means the opportunities to be involved in car accidents are more likely in the state and, if such happens, the person who is injured has a right to seek compensation. A car accident attorney in Fort Collins advises and represents those who have been injured in automobile accidents. Here are some things the injured party may want to be acquainted with concerning car accidents in Colorado.

Things to Know About Car Accident Law in Colorado

The first thing a potential client would want to be aware of is the amount of time allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit in a Colorado civil court. The client has three years from the date of the accident and injury to file the lawsuit, or the case will not likely be heard. Any damages that might be awarded to the client will also be forfeited, so it is important to keep the deadline in mind. The damages will be economic and non-economic.

More Things to Know About Car Accident Law in Colorado

In Colorado, the injured client will file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company, which might be denied unless the injured client can prove the other driver is at fault. The party who was injured may have to end up using their uninsured or under-insured coverage to collect unless the party gets an experienced attorney who can help get awarded damages in a lawsuit. It is possible that the other party may try to prove the injured party was partly responsible for the accident.

An Attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado

The injured party in an auto accident should look for an attorney with proven experience in litigating automobile accident claims both in and out of court. Burton & Burton is a law firm in Fort Collins with the experience to help clients injured in auto accidents. Victims who want to get advice from a car accident attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado can contact this law firm. Get more information by visiting

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