Getting Dogs Used To An Animal Clinic in Olathe KS

It’s a common joke to see dog owners literally dragging their canine friends across tiled floors into a vet’s office. However, the trip to a vet does not always have to be a scary experience. By following these tips, dogs and puppies can relax and sometimes even enjoy their trips to an Animal clinic in Olathe KS and elsewhere.

Going For Visits to the Clinic

Teach your dog that a good time can be had at an Animal clinic in Olathe KS and elsewhere by taking the dog to the clinic, having a staff person give a treat and them immediately turning around and going home. Before taking your dog or puppy on such a training trip, call the vet’s office beforehand and ask if this is a good time. Just do this a few times so there is no┬áproblem of interfering with the vet staff’s busy schedules.

Calming Down Before Leaving

If a training visit or a more conventional visit to the vet scares or upsets the dog, wait until the dog calms down or starts acting normally before getting back in the car. Just letting the dog walk around and sniff the unusual smells of the parking lot or lawn of the vet’s office is often enough to get a dog or puppy to calm down.

A Note About Carsick Dogs

Puppies often get carsick. Some dogs, like some people, remain carsick or motion sick for the rest of their lives. Any car trip winds up being a stressful time, whether going to the vet or going somewhere else. Talk to a vet about carsick medication for puppies and dogs. If they do not feel sick in the car, then car rides become less stressful. Do not feed a dog or puppy for an hour before the ride to reduce the chances of vomiting. Take practice car rides of only a few minutes in order to build up a dog’s or puppy’s tolerance of riding in the car.

Take the extra time and effort to help dogs and puppies enjoy car rides and trips to the vet’s office. This will save a lot of stress in the long run. For more information about how to make a vet trip less stressful for a pet, contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital today.

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