Considerations Regarding Heating in Minnetonka for Additions to Homes

Having an addition constructed onto a home is a major undertaking. Homeowners must have the answers to numerous questions before they even begin talking with building contractors. One question involves Heating in Minnetonka for this new part of the home. Several options are available to provide heat. Some cost more upfront but are more efficient during the heating season, while others are relatively inexpensive but will probably cost more on the utility bill.

One of the first recommendations from experts is to consider whether any existing part of the home could be converted to the extra space that is needed now. Remodeling a basement or renovating an attic may be a more efficient way of achieving the goal. Construction of additions is one of the most expensive options, but sometimes it’s the only way to gain the amount of space the household residents desire. If an addition is the only suitable option, the next consideration is whether to add space on top of an existing structure or next to it.

Heating in Minnetonka will need to be part of all these equations. Adding heat to a basement may not even be necessary if the furnace is located there, as the furnace has a vent to blow warm air out. Attics, however, often are not effectively climate controlled. This can be resolved with extending more ducts to the upstairs and adding vents. A return air register also will be necessary.

An addition on the side of a building poses some issues with ductwork, as there may be difficulty extending ducts to the area with no basement or crawlspace underneath. However, technicians from a company such as Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning may be able to run ducts between walls and in closets where they aren’t visible. The addition then can be supplied with heat from the furnace and with cool air from the central air conditioner if the home has this equipment. Having an addition constructed on top of a garage comes with its own heating considerations, which can be discussed with a technician from this type of company. Visit website to get started.

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