Getting Flood Damage Repair In Jenkintown PA Done The Right Way

Dealing with Flood Damage Repair in Jenkintown PA starts immediately after a flood. For most people, the best thing to do is to call a professional contractor who specializes in dealing with floods. But if the flood has affected a lot of people, such contractors might be overwhelmed. This means that people who weren’t the first to make service calls might have to wait days in order to get help. In such cases, people need to start the repair process themselves. Even if people do the majority of the work themselves, they still should get professionals to go over what they did to make sure everything was done correctly.

In order to do Flood Damage Repair in Jenkintown PA, people have to think about the dangers of electricity. Even when power isn’t working, it’s good for people to manually disable the power in the areas they will be cleaning up. What happens if the power comes back on while work is being done in an area with water? A person could easily be electrocuted. Removing fuses and adjusting the circuit breaker is one way to ensure that accidental electrocution doesn’t happen. People should also make sure switches are in the ‘off’ position and that devices in the area aren’t plugged up.

Even if a property owner is able to Contact ServiceMaster of Jenkintown or another contractor for repair work, the owner should take pictures of the damage to the property before repairs get started. The pictures are important because they will help to document all of the damage that was caused by the flood. Some insurers have actually refused claims by people because people didn’t have enough evidence of damage. Property owners have to remember that insurers will look for reasons not to pay on a claim. Pictures can be taken with smartphone or tablet and then uploaded to the Internet in case something happens to the device. The device itself might eventually get damaged by water if it is accidentally dropped in a flooded area.

Property owners are doing their own repair work after a flood also have to keep in mind that the water could be contaminated with chemicals and harmful microorganisms. Even if the flood water doesn’t look dirty, it can be contaminated.

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