Getting Help from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Lawrence, KS

One of the unfortunate times in life that people have to deal with is when they have reached the end of the rope where paying bills are concerned. They get so heavily entrapped in debt that the only relief found is through bankruptcy. The average person will use either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When it comes to having to file either form of bankruptcy, the debtors will find it easier to work with an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy cases. A bankruptcy Attorney in Lawrence KS represents clients with such issues. Here are some of the things a client should know.

What to Know about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is chosen when a debtor wants to liquidate all his assets and discharge them. All of the unsecured debts will be eliminated and the debtor will be given a chance to start over fresh. If this option can be chosen, a great majority choose it because it is quicker and easier to get back on track. If the debtor doesn’t own the property in which he or she lives, this is also a better option to choose.

What to Know about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also called a reorganization of debts, is chosen when the debtor owns a property, or can’t qualify for Chapter 7. The advantage in this type of bankruptcy is that the debtor gets to keep his or her property and makes a deal with the creditors (through the attorney and the courts) to pay a certain amount of money per month for a period of usually three years. A perk of Chapter 13 is the flexibility in dealing with the creditors.

An Attorney who Can Help with Bankruptcy

Joe Wittman is an attorney in Lawrence, Kansas and Topeka, Kansas who has been providing legal solutions for bankruptcy clients for many years. The attorney can help with foreclosure issues and all stages of debt help. The sooner the client seeks help for his or her debt problems, the better the attorney will be able to help. If any individuals are looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Lawrence KS, Topeka, Kansas and the surrounding areas, they can visit the website for more information.

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