Getting Ready for Tax Season

The end of the year heralds the beginning of tax season. Quite quickly, everything becomes a rush to get all financial records in order. Receipts that you saved need to be catalogued, your income calculated, and charitable actions noted. Quite rapidly, things can become overwhelming, and thus seeking out help isn’t something to be ashamed of. There are many places one can go to for tax preparation in Salt Lake City, not to mention many things that you yourself can do to increase potential returns and help smooth out the process.

1. List Your Charitable or Volunteer Actions
According to Pix 11 news gathering up the list of volunteer activities you’ve done can be an important way to help you make savings for the year’s taxes. When listing volunteer work, it also pays to note down how much you’ve driven and spent on food while volunteering. For example if you volunteered at a food truck how far did you travel, and how much money did you put into the food on the truck?

2. Donations Help Save Money
This is especially true for newlyweds. It might seem strange, but it’s true: one of the greatest things you can do to help you save money this tax season is to donate your wedding gown. Don’t sell it, but give it away to a charity, or to your wedding venue.

3. Children Cost More, But Save Great
For new parents, this is especially important as tax preparation in Salt Lake City arrives. Get your newborn child their social security number, or at least start the application process. This helps register your child as a dependent in your household, and can help save you money overall despite the costly expenses a newborn requires.

4. Retirement Savings
If you’ve got a retirement account, now is the perfect time to make a contribution towards it. Contributing to your retirement account helps your taxes look better, and helps you save more money. Besides you’ll be using that account when you do retire eventually, so why not build up what you’ll need?

It might seem daunting getting everything in order for the tax season, but with the few tips and tricks above, as well as help from local professionals like Cook Martin Poulson, you can do yourself the biggest favor of the year and save a few dollars this tax season. Don’t let your taxes get away from you this year.

Cook Martin Poulson, P.C have been around for decades, assisting people in the area of Salt Lake City with tax preparation. Since 1977, they’ve been helping people save on their taxes. Contact them today for assistance with yours.

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