The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Solar Flashlight as a Survival Tool

Anyone who has ever put together a survival kit will tell you that a good flashlight is one of the first things you could get. Being in the dark in a survival situation not only makes everything more dangerous, it makes it scarier as well. Of course, there are many options available for survival flashlights on the market today, but a good solar flashlight has proven to be one of the best you can buy.

Even a solar flashlight has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, however, read on for a few of each.

Pro: Always Ready to Use

One of the biggest issues with your traditional flashlights in any survival situation is when the batteries run out. If you have no replacement batteries, then you will be floundering as you try to find your way in the dark. If you have a solar powered flashlight, however, you will have light as long as there is a sun in the sky.

Con: Recharging

The biggest con to these types of flashlights is recharging them when they die. If you lose your charge in the middle of the night, it is impossible to charge again until morning and then you will have to wait for several hours for the charge to happen. It is possible to put batteries in the flashlight if it has the capability for that, however, you must remember the batteries as well.

Pro: Less Weight and Takes Up Less Space

Many solar powered flashlights are lighter than their traditional counterparts. Also, with this type of light, you don’t have to stock up on extra batteries, which can weigh your backpack down. In the middle of a survival situation, the last thing you want is a heavy pack and no space to put things that you pick up on the way.

Con: Shorter Time to Use it

The average time a solar light will last you is 15 hours, a traditional flashlight can last as many as 30 hours, according to the type of batteries you are using.

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages to using a solar powered flashlight over a traditional one. Weigh the facts carefully, do your research on each one and then make the right choice for you. In a survival situation every second counts. Make sure that you make the most of yours.

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