Give Your Customer the Human Element They Expect with Call Center Service in St. Louis, MO

Last year, reports from customer service analysts revealed a somewhat surprising fact. In spite of skyrocketing ecommerce sales and digital communication, companies still receive from 50 to 80 percent of their business over the phone depending on their respective industry. Sure, leaving a message is always an option, but only a handful of consumers are willing to do so.

Why is this the case? Customers consistently give a couple primary reason for their reluctance to chat with an automated voice messaging system. First of all, it takes the human element out of a business. They call with questions or concerns, ready to pour their hearts out to a customer service representative, only to be met with a cold, lifeless, uncaring voice. Secondly, they’ve been burned before by these machines. Though the system assured them someone would be in touch as soon as possible, this promise was never fulfilled. Maybe it’s time to consider Call Center Service in St. Louis MO.

Whether you have an automated answering system or simply leave your phones to ring unanswered when no one is available to take your calls, you could be missing out on a significant amount of business. An estimated 25 percent of consumers happen to call companies with which they hope to do business after conventional business hours. Only about 15 percent of them are willing to call back if they don’t get a personal response on the other end of the line the first time around.

Obviously, having staff members on hand to man the phone lines around the clock isn’t always feasible. Maybe you don’t have the space, personnel, or budget to hire a dedicated 24/7 customer support team. This is where enlisting Call Center Service in St. Louis MO can help. Your support staff doesn’t have to be in-house, and your customers will never know they’re not right there on site. All they’ll know is someone out there actually cares enough about their customers to have a human being address their needs.

Imagine where your company could go with all the extra prospects you would’ve lost to unanswered phone lines. As your business and customer base grow, your answering services expand right along with you. Click here to get more information on what an off-site call center can do for you.

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