Give Your Dog A Treat With No Hide Chicken Chews

Dogs, just like people, have their own favorites when it comes to flavors. Some dogs love beef, others love bacon, and still, other dogs love the taste of chicken. If you have a dog who prefers chicken, finding a healthy alternative in no hide chicken chews a great way to show your dog how much you care.

Why No Hide?

There are a lot of chicken flavored rawhide bones on the market. These are not made from chicken. In fact, they have no chicken in them at all. Instead, they have chicken flavoring used to treat the virtually tasteless rawhide.

Many people do not know rawhide is a by-product of the tanning industry. It is the interior layer of beef hides removed just before it is made into leather. This thin layer of the hide is then processed, flavored and pressed into different shapes.

The concern with rawhide, aside from the processing condition and lack of quality control, is the risk of feeding this byproduct to a dog. Rawhide will shred off or be chewed off in soft, slimy strings. These strings can enter the dog’s digestive system and cause partial to full blockages.

Chunks of soft rawhide, moistened with the dog’s saliva, can also be swallowed whole, resulting in a choking hazard.

The Better Alternative

Look for no hide chicken chews made from real chicken and baked pork skin. These products will also have additional nutrients and minerals, providing not just a tasty chew treat but also a healthy one.

With no hide chicken chews the dog will enjoy eating the entire treat. There will be no messy residue to clean up, plus owners have the peace of mind in knowing the once a day treat is not only healthy but safe.

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