Giving Headstones in Connecticut A Personalized Touch

When someone passes away, it is likely their family and friends will either have them cremated or buried after ceremonies are performed. Many people like to have Headstones in Connecticut made so the final resting place will have identification so those visiting can find it. This memorial will also show pertinent information about the deceased. Here are some ideas that can be used when ordering a headstone so it has a personal touch.

Add A Medallion With A Photograph

A headstone can be fitted with a special medallion to show a picture of the person who had passed away. This is a great way to remember the deceased person’s appearance at the time their life came to a close. The medallion will be able to hold a photograph, so it does not become wet or damaged in any way. If desired, the photograph can be swapped with a new one yearly so those visiting the grave site will be able to reminisce about the person with a new image each time.

Consider Getting A Headstone Etched

An etched headstone is a wonderful way to incorporate hobbies or likes that the deceased person had. Consider having a scenic picture etched upon the headstone before inscription is added. This will allow for the headstone to stand out from others at the cemetery, making it easy for visitors to locate the spot.

Include A Resting Spot For Visitors

Adding a stone bench to a headstone is a caring way to allow visitors to rest when visiting their loved one’s remains. A bench can be constructed and shaped for a single or double seating area. This can be attached directly to the headstone so those visiting will be able to be close to their loved one when paying their respects.

When there is a desire to personalize Headstones in Connecticut, finding the right business to construct a piece will be necessary. Learn more about us by visiting the web site. Different options can be browsed, and contact information is available. A call can then be made to make an appointment with a reliable headstone designer if desired.

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