Going to an Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH for Low Back Pain

Medical professionals cannot say that back pain is a disease, but rather it’s a problem or a symptom. This is because it may be due to multiple factors such as excessive stress or poor posture. This condition is known colloquially as “kidney pain”. It is a disease that mainly affects the lower back and causes alterations of the different structures that form the backbone as ligaments, muscles, vertebrae and spinal discs. The lumbar spine is the final segment of the spine and the area supports the most weight. Therefore, the pain is more frequent. If you have experienced pain like this, you should seek care from your local Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH immediately.


The causes of back pain are numerous. It may be due to poor posture, factors related to physical activity or psychological factors. There are mechanical and inflammatory causes: In any case, the two main causes that can cause lower back pain can be established with proper care and the right diagnosis.

* Mechanical origin

* : These are the most frequent. It is due to an alteration of the structures that form the lumbar spine. Thus, degeneration of the spinal disc slowly begins. This prevents direct contact between the vertebrae of the spine and begins the onset of osteoarthritis in the lumbar vertebrae. Osteoporosis or an alteration of the normal curvatures of the spine are the most common causes of back pain. Poor posture can also cause back pain. In addition, playing sports without proper training can produce lumbago. Clinical practices have observed that certain psychological factors can cause spinal pain in general.

* Inflammatory origin

* : Certain diseases cause inflammation of the vertebrae, tendons or nearby joints. Also, no other inflammatory diseases may cause lumbago but may cause infections or malignancies. The latter are rare, however.


Like other rheumatic diseases, the diagnosis of lumbago is not difficult because the symptoms of the disease are very clear. To determine the cause of this condition it’s necessary that an Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH conduct a full examination of the habits of that patient and their state of mind.


Treatment of low back pain is the administration of analgesics, muscle relaxants and applying heat to the painful area. Also, the patient should rest on a hard bed. In the case of labor back pain, some experts insist that rest is not only useless, but may be counterproductive. Click here for more information.

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