Easy Ways to Lower the Cost of Running Your Home Air Conditioner in Neenah WI

In Neenah, the cost to run your home air conditioning unit in the summer can be a significant expense. Air conditioners work hard during the hottest months, and it will show on your monthly electric bill. Luckily, you can dramatically lower your energy costs if you’re smart. Here are a few ways to lower the expense of running your Air Conditioner in Neenah WI.

Get a Professional Check-Up
One of the best ways to decrease your energy costs in the summer is to invest in a professional air conditioner tune up before the start of the summer season. This service is typically very affordable and is offered by local heating and cooling services like Four Seasons Heating and Cooling Specialists Inc. During a tune-up, a service technician will clean your unit and make sure it’s free of mechanical issues. As a result, your air conditioner will run much more efficiently and your energy bills will be lower.

Change Your Filters
One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner running efficiently–and inexpensively–is to change your filters frequently. Depending on what type of filters your system uses, you’ll have to change them every 1 to 3 months. If you have pets, you may want to change your filters more often because dogs and cats can shed excessively in the warmer months and their hair can clog and dirty filters quickly.

Install a Ceiling Fan
If you want to cut air conditioning costs, one of your greatest allies is a simple ceiling fan. Why? Ceiling fans are great at circulating cool air through a room, making it feel much cooler than it actually is. This increased circulation will allow you to set your thermostat higher, and you’ll save 3 to 5% on your energy costs for every degree you raise the temperature.

Clean Your Ducts
Another great way to lower energy bills is to have your ducts professionally cleaned. Clean, clog-free ducts are crucial to your Air Conditioner in Neenah WI running efficiently. If you really want to save on energy costs, have your ducts resealed and insulated as well. According to the government’s Energy Star program, this can reduce your cooling costs by around 20%.

Hot weather energy costs can be expensive when you run your air conditioner, but there are many ways to cut costs. Try the tips above and your utility bills should be a lot more affordable this summer. You can learn more about them by visiting at Four Seasons Heating & Cooling.

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