Going Up to the Top and Traversing Down Below

by | May 13, 2016 | Business

With the booming growth of skyscrapers that adorn each city’s skyline came the necessity of navigation to the top floors. Stairs are still an alternative means of navigation, but walking up to the top of100-flooroor building is neither feasible nor time conscious. Most people enter these giant buildings in their downtown area with little thought of what work and creative thought laid the foundation, to make this means of navigation possible. The modern elevator is little understood, thoughtlessly relied on, and completely taken for granted.

Elevators date all the way back to 236 B.C. and were operated by hoists, rope, and a drum, along with man or animal power located in a room beneath the floor’s destination. In the 1700’s, “flying chairs” were used in the palaces of the time to hoist royalty up to the higher level floors. Then, later in the mid 1800’s, came the use of water and steam power to operate these vertical, maneuvering devices. With reliability being of great concern, safety protocols were put in place, in case, the hoisting ropes broke with the protection of safety springs, and with maintaining all of its components to ensure they were operating smoothly, and safely.

Seeing the world atop a modern skyscraper gives more than a bird’s-eye-view to the weary traveler, it also gives a breathtaking vantage point formerly deemed impossible to enjoy. When the founding fathers began constructing the landscape horizontally with primitive wooden buildings, they were laying the foundation for our vertical, concrete skyline of today.

Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC is the area’s most reliable source for elevator sales, service and maintenance, whether for the use in the tallest of skyscrapers or on the basic needs of home usage. It is service that offers 24/7 availability with modern, cutting-edge know-how.

Tourists in the nation’s capitol are bound to visit its infamous buildings of historical value and intrigue. It’s nice to know, there’s no limit in scope to their visitation, whether traversing through a vertical landscape or compelled to the highest floor of a modern-day skyscraper. In either case, there is most certainly an elevator at the ready to take the traveler to their destination. Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC assures their maintenance and safety going up to the uppermost floor or traversing down to the lowest level floor.

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