Guide for Choosing the Right Pulling Rope from Wire & Cable Hauling Company in Roanoke Virginia

People don’t really seem to understand or even think about how dangerous it can be to use a wire and cable hauling rope that is not up to the task. If you walk around many hauling companies, you will notice faded and undersized pulling ropes that simply do not match the capacity of the cable puller they will be using. There are basic things everyone should consider when hiring wire & cable hauling in Roanoke Virginia, especially in terms of the pulling rope they offer.

Choose the right material

Each type of wire and cable hauling rope has its particular weaknesses and strengths and is designed for particular types of jobs. There are certain types of materials such as polyester that are excellent for pulling purposes. Polyester has high strength and low-stretch features in addition to excellent abrasion resistance that makes it good for extremely dangerous wire and cable hauling applications.

Some ropes such as polypropylene are not designed for high-force pulling considering that polypropylene is not a high strength material and has poor abrasion resistance features. Most importantly, it stretches a lot.

Some other materials include the following:

Nylon – It has high-strength combined with good abrasion resistance features. Even though it is excellent for shock absorption, it is not recommended for continuous pulling because it also stretches.

Spectra – It has high strength and does not stretch a lot. It also has high abrasion resistance.

Plasma – Plasma has the highest strength and the lowest stretch. In addition, it also has superior abrasion resistance.


Besides the material, another good consideration when choosing a pulling rope from a wire & cable hauling in Roanoke Virginia company is the configuration of the rope. The best wire and cable hauling rope should not use a three-strand configuration. This because such ropes tend to untwist as more force is applied. In this respect, it is highly recommended using a pulling rope of more strands – preferably 8 or 12 strands and braiding a half of them clockwise and the other half anticlockwise.


This is something that should take the least amount of time. The desirable size of the rope is best determined by multiplying the expected maximum load by a safety factor.
x Then simply look at the chat for the type of rope you want to use and the right size will be shown. This is a no-brainer when it comes to selecting the right hauling rope.
It is quite clear that choosing the right wire and cable hauling rope from a wire & cable Hauling in Roanoke Virginia company is not as easy as it may look. An ideal rope should have the right material, the right configuration and should be of desirable size.

A top quality wire and hauling rope is vital for any hauling work, however easy it may look. For more details and help on choosing the right hauling rope.

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