The Best AC Installation in Rancho Cucamonga, CA Will Guarantee That You Will Have the Correct Size AC Installed

Installing a new air conditioning system will ensure your home is cool in the summer, but the appropriate air conditioner must be installed. A unit that is too big or one that is too small will defeat the purpose of buying a new system. Installing an air conditioner that is the correct size is more than duplicating the unit in place, or guessing at the size. An engineer or trained technician should help the home-owner decide on a unit.

An A/C installation company will use other data to size your equipment instead of relying solely on the square footage of the house or assuming that your existing equipment was sized properly. Proper equipment sizing is largely determined by the home’s heat gains during warm weather.

The first step is to complete the design load calculation. To do this, the installer will need to take measurements during the first visit to your home and ask some specific questions about the insulation such as the type and number of windows in the home, and which direction the home faces. The number of shade trees will also be counted. The calculation is usually made using software, and the calculation should be based on the professional guidelines in Manual J from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or a similar quality method. The Best AC Installation in Rancho Cucamonga CA can make this assessment.

An over-sized unit can result in reduced comfort and air noise which exceeds the comfort level. Over sizing the unit will reduce the life of the equipment by causing it to turn on and off more frequently than a unit which is properly-sized. Undersized equipment will have airflow that is too low, and this will reduce the efficiency of the system and accelerate the wear on many components of the system. This is a problem which will lead to early failure of the entire system, but the Best AC Installation in Rancho Cucamonga CA can prevent this.

The size of the ducts, air output registers, and return grilles can be determined using professional guidelines in the ACCA’s Manual D. A home may not need any duct work, or it may need a duct replaced. Sealing of ducts where a possibility exists for air to escape before it reaches the register should be done using mastic, metal-backed tape. There is another method known as aerosol sealing which provides a heavy duty foam-type sealer. Visit for more information.

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