Gumpaste Cutouts and Creations: How to Pull Them Off

One way to bring your cakes and sweet treats to life is by using gumpaste flowers and decorations. Here are handy ways to help you pull this off:

Use recipe tutorials

There are plenty of recipe tutorials online to help you create the perfect shapes for your gumpaste creations, says Wedding Cakes. If you have the talent and skill for doing so, then this is going to be a fun and creatively exciting aspect of the job for you.

Buy cutters

Not everyone has a fine talent for cutting out shapes out of gumpaste, though. If all you can do is cut out a shape that resembles a flower in the vaguest way, then it might be better to simply go for gumpaste cutters instead. These cutters will help you create cutouts and creations fast and easy. You won’t have to worry about spending hours over a single design. These tools will make cutting those creations out much, much easier.

Choose designs

There are plenty of gumpaste cutters out there, though. How will you choose which one to go for? For a professional baker, it can be extremely tempting to simply go for all the gumpaste cutters you can find. It’s a lot of fun to use them to create new designs or explore new cake styles. However, if you’re a bit tight on the budget, you can always go for designs you often use for the cakes and treats you do for work. You can simply add more to your collection later on.

Know which type

There are basically three types of cutters you can choose from: regular cutters, plunger cutters and ribbon cutters. Once you’ve used the cutters, you can put the whole mat in the fridge and wait for 3 to 4 minutes. This will harden the fondant so you can transfer your cut outs with ease.

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