Have Smooth and Young Looking Skin with Botox

by | May 2, 2016 | Health

Over the years depending on the type of environment you live or work in can cause a person to appear older than they really are. They begin to see more lines and wrinkles in their face that are created from the unconscious facial expressions that they make. A person who squints their eyes frequently may see lines form around the corners of their eyes called crow’s feet.  When a person frowns, smiles, or creases their forehead these actions can result in wrinkles that make them look years older. Anyone who wants to reduce the amount of wrinkles and lines on their face should speak with an expert on how a treatment of Botox in Chicago can help them have smoother and younger looking skin.

How Botox Treatments Work

A certified doctor will strategically inject Botox into the area of the patient’s face that they wish to help reduce or remove the wrinkles from. The medication then paralyzes the movement of the muscles by not allowing the nerve cells to send signals to the muscles in the area telling them they need to contract. Within a week of receiving the treatment, the patient will notice smoother skin as the lines are reduced making them appear their age or even younger. This treatment can last for up to 3 to 6 months before they will require another injection.

Receive Treatment from a Knowledgeable and Certified Professional

It is important to remember that the treatment should be performed by a professional who has the skills and knowledge to perform the procedure. Experts at Chicagoland Aesthetics know exactly the amount of Botox a patient will require helping eliminate laugh lines and crow’s feet from their face. They can perform this procedure on an outpatient basis within a half hour and allow their patient to return to their normal daily activities after leaving their office.

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