Discussing A Product’s Liability Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Fort Worth, TX

In Texas, all consumers acquire rights under federal laws. These federal laws prevent manufacturers from taking advantage of consumers by releasing hazardous products for purchase. At any time that a consumer sustains an injury using these products, the manufacturer is liable. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth TX presents the victim’s claim to the court to acquire compensation.

Reporting the Injuries

The consumer has the right to file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This report allows the agency to start an investigation. These findings of the investigation could present them with evidence of harmful products that were released for consumer purchase. Under federal law, the manufacturer must comply with the investigation and disclose all information for the product to this agency.

Acquiring Your Medical Records

The attorney can request the victim’s medical records on their behalf. These records are needed to show the exact injuries sustained by the victim. The records show conclusive evidence that links the product to the injuries. For some consumers, further forensic evaluation is necessary. For this reason, the attorney may acquire scientific testing for the product to include in these records.

Notifying More Consumers

Once a product is deemed hazardous to consumers, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency issues a notification. All consumers who were injured are directed to an attorney to file a lawsuit. The level of risk identified may require the agency to issue a complete recall of the product.

How a Product Recall Affects Your Case

A product recall won’t discredit the victim’s claim. In fact, it could present the opportunity for a class-action lawsuit. If a larger number of victims is discovered, the attorney may choose arbitration to help all victims who sustained injuries while using the product. This could present the potential for a higher award for the plaintiffs.

In Texas, all consumers acquire federal consumer rights. These rights are upheld in court by personal injury attorneys when a consumer sustains an injury. These cases may involve more than one plaintiff and may lead to the recall of the product. Victims of a product’s liability must contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth TX .

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