Why Buying A Used Car Is A Smart Move

Years ago buying a used car was a bit of a gamble, no doubt the price was much less than the latest model but buying a used car was quite risky. Cars in the past were not designed and built anywhere near to the standard that they are now, as a result there was a very good chance that one would prove to be unreliable. This is no longer the case; a used Subaru in Frankfort will last far longer than ever before and will prove to be easy on your budget throughout the years you own it.

There are a number of reasons why purchasing a late model used car makes a lot of sense, let’s look at two very important ones.

Value: It’s hard to imagine that anyone of car buying age is not aware that a new car looses value from the moment the deal is signed. In as little as four years a typical car has lost about 50 percent of its new car value; once the car reaches this age the depreciation curve levels out.

Buying a three or four year old used Subaru in Frankfort makes a great deal of sense as it will have a good number of dependable years left in it. As the depreciation curve has flattened by this time chances are you could turn around and sell the car a year later with little or no loss in equity.

Dependability: Vehicle dependability has improved immeasurably over the years; a car which is five years old now will have a third fewer problems than a used car a decade ago. Problems that plagued used cars in the past have decreased significantly; no longer will you experience engine and transmission problems. When a four year old used Subaru in Frankfort is maintained properly there is no reason to believe it will run for many more years without major problems. For more information about buying a used cars, visit HawkSubaru.com.

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