Have You Considered Glasses with Lights? You Should!

Sometimes when you are reading or working on a project, an extra light can be helpful. If you are reading, a light for night time can be helpful so you don’t disturb your partner who is peacefully sleeping next to you. If you are working on a project that requires small spaces or a lot of details, having a light shine on a specific area can also be helpful.

Reading LED Glasses

There are reading glasses out there that have two LED lights, one on each side, built into the frame. These glasses are not prescription glasses and should not be treated as such. You can usually choose from different colors and styles so that they will fit into your own unique style. Some companies will even give you the option to buy reading glasses that have bifocals as well. Some of these glasses can provide up to 32 lumens. While they do take batteries, the batteries are easily replaceable and typically have a long battery life.

Safety LED Glasses

These safety glasses are usually impact resistant and very durable. Some companies will also allow you to choose a pair with bifocals, which can be great for when you need to see a very small area. These glasses can give off 32 lumens worth of LED light. The great thing about these safety glasses is that wherever you are looking, the light is shining, so you can easily control the beam. Even though some of these glasses require four batteries, they are still lightweight and won’t put any extra weight on your nose. The batteries can be easily replaced and typically have a long life. These glasses are great for anyone that does a lot of do it yourself projects, or someone who would like a little extra light while they are at work.

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