Early Signs That Drainage Repairs in Branford, CT Are Needed

Proper drainage is essential to maintaining any parking lot or driveway. If adequate drainage is not available, it can cause premature weathering, necessitating expensive repairs. As with almost everything in life, the best treatment for drainage issues is preventative. Keep an eye out for these common signs that a parking lot, driveway, or sports court can benefit from drainage repairs in Branford, CT.

Pooling Water Anywhere in Lot

If there is water pooling anywhere in a parking lot, or on top of any other asphalt surface, it’s a sure sign of an improper or inadequate drainage system. Pooling water not only damages pavement, but can also create a dangerous situation for any cars and pedestrians crossing the surface. Call a contractor immediately if water begins to pool in substantial amounts anywhere on the surface. Failure to take action quickly can lead to more extensive damage.

Residual Sand and Other Residue

Even if water is not obviously pooling on the surface yet, the accumulation of debris in low spots where water has already drained is a more subtle sign that repairs will soon be necessary. These slightly heavier objects can be left behind after a heavy rain or flood, helping property owners identify problem areas.

Inadequate Drains and/or Grassy Areas

In parking lots, more attention must be paid to drainage than in smaller driveways. Any islands or inlets are probably designed to increase the aesthetic appearance of the property, but they also serve a hidden purpose: redirecting water during heavy rains. These should be placed in such a way to encourage water, along with a subtle paving slope, to flow toward the drains. They should also be large enough to accommodate extra rain water in the event of serious storms.

Deterioration Around Drains

If the pavement is deteriorating around any drains that are already in place, it can compromise the integrity of the drains themselves. The situation can easily and quickly deteriorate, causing sinkholes and posing a danger to pedestrians and vehicles. This particular issue should be remedied immediately.

Regular inspections can help to prevent the need for premature drainage repairs in Branford, CT. Those noticing any of the above issues should contact a qualified contractor before the situation becomes more serious. Visit the website for more information.

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