Heir Atty: The Current State of Atomizers

In the early years of what has become known as vaping, the e-cigarette itself was simpler. Today, there are several pieces to the e-cigarette puzzle, though the process still appears to be quite simple. The parts list includes a battery, the shell or body, a microprocessor, and a sensor. Then there is the heart of the matter, actually two hearts – the cartridge and the atomizer. The cartridge is filled with the juice or liquid. The atomizer turns the liquid into vapor that is inhaled.

Where the Action Is

The atomizer, as a part of the plan, has changed and evolved through the past few years. One good example is the Atty style rebuildable, dripping atomizer. Just look at the details of the Heir Atty:

  • Stainless steel
  • Deep juice well
  • 510 threading connection
  • Dual airflow system
  • PEEK parts
  • Dual coil build

Not too many years ago, a details list such as this would be used to describe a new car, an airplane or electronics. Now, it seems, the best of 21st century technology is being applied to vaping.

This atomizer has bottom airflow, with direct air path to the coils. Giving this Atty an open chamber design brings the breeze right to the core to keep things stable, without creating excess heat. The drip tip is made of PEEK, a material that is rugged and stands up to temperature changes.

The second heart of the design, the e-juice well or cartridge, is part of the deck, so it feeds the coils in a direct way. The possibility of leaking and high pressure is greatly reduced. Reviews have called this design unique and say it will give the user an advanced experience.

Know Your Atomizer

For those who may be a bit hesitant to change their e-cigarette method, your hesitancy may be well placed with the Heir Atty. That doesn’t mean it falls short of delivering a great vaping experience. Literature about the product just cautions people to use it only if they are advanced users.

If it is not used in the correct situation, the problem might appear in other mods, or perhaps in the battery. For anyone planning to use the newest equipment, it would be best to do a bit of research first.

The letters RDA and RDTA stand for rebuildable dripping atomizer and rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. This equipment should be inspected and cleaned on a consistent basis. In addition, it is important that all new vaping equipment be in perfect working order, even to the point of testing before using.

Trying to make these different parts work together properly is actually quite easy, but only if you match the parts using a bit of foreknowledge. Do that, and the Heir Atty can provide a great vaping experience.

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