Hire a Fence Contractor in Moreno Valley

Fencing is very important when it comes to privacy and security. For homeowners, a good fence creates a feeling of comfort for children at play, keeping the dog in the yard, and an overall feeling of well-being for relaxing in a personal space. For commercial applications, fencing delineates one company from another and for a business that requires safety of equipment.

There are several different materials commonly used to create fences:

• Cedar Wood Fence

• Custom Picket Fence

• Vinyl Privacy fence

• Chain Link Fence

• Conduit Fence

• Decorative Fabric Fence

No matter the material, all fences have several things in common when it comes to construction. Before planning and purchasing any fence materials, review these questions.

• What is the function of the fence?

• What style should it be?

• Which materials would look best on the property?

It pays to consult a Fence contractor in Moreno Valley to review other important considerations before digging the first hole.

Before proceeding, a few preliminary steps are in order. Talk with any with neighbors who may be affected by a new or even a rebuilt fence. Party lines are not necessarily the same as where a fence was built years ago. It is also important to know exactly where any underground utilities are located. The local utility company may come out and identify them in advance. Be sure to understand the local zoning laws. Some jurisdictions may regulate the materials, height, and location of the fence, especially if the home is located on a historic site or is a historic home. Either of these designations will dictate the type and material of a fence. Don’t forget to apply for a building permit if required by city zoning laws.

Be careful when laying out the fence spacing. The layout will directly dictate the measurement later on. Keep in mind the width of the panels and the location of the gate. This is important to maintain consistency of the size of the panels if appropriate. When measuring the distance between fence posts, be sure to place at least one-third of the post at least into the ground. This helps the fence to stand up against heavy winds. Use a post-hole digger when preparing the ground for the post. Treat the part of the post that will be submerged into the ground to protect it from rotting. Click Here for more information on hiring a Fence contractor in Moreno Valley.

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