Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys in Auburn Whether or Not a Crime Was Committed

Crimes occur in American cities every day. Many times, there are eyewitnesses who lead detectives straight to the perpetrator and the criminal justice process starts in the courts. Other times, the police have to investigate in order to determine whether a crime was committed and who is responsible. Because they are human, police officers and detectives sometimes make mistakes.

Arresting the Wrong Person

When the wrong person is arrested for a crime, they may find themselves forced to prove they didn’t do it. Although the standard in the US criminal courts is that people are innocent until proven guilty, odds may be stacked against a defendant who was falsely accused of a crime. In some cases, this happens because the eyewitness made a mistake. Other times, the witness or victim lied. Regardless of how a person got charged, they need criminal defense attorneys in Auburn as soon as possible.

Arrest When There Was No Crime

Although it doesn’t happen as much as an arrest of the wrong person, sometimes people are arrested when there was actually no crime committed. This might occur when someone makes a false report, accusing a person of stealing something or harming them as an act of revenge. If the accuser is believable, it could result in a conviction if the defendant isn’t represented by skilled criminal defense attorneys in Auburn. Attorneys may help detectives discover the truth and prosecutors might drop the charges prior to a trial.

No matter whether a person is arrested in error, is the victim of a false report or actually committed a crime, attorneys such as those from Yoder & Kraus P.C. could help protect their rights throughout the criminal justice process. The entire process, from investigation until the end of the trial, can be time consuming and stressful. Working with experienced attorneys might ease a defendant’s stress levels and allow them to participate in their own defense.

The criminal justice process in America is not perfect but it does work like it’s intended to in most cases. In those instances where a defendant is convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, attorneys work hard to get the conviction reversed through the appeals process.

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