Hiring Glaziers in Sutton – Is Fire Resistant Glass a Good Choice for Window Shop Replacement?

Dealing with a break-in, vandalism or the aftermath of an accident or natural disaster can cause your stress levels to soar, particularly if you are already dealing with work issues. Many shop owners who require window replacement nowadays will call on experienced glaziers in Sutton for the installation of fire resistant glass. An alternative to normal glass, this glass enhances overall safety and provides fire-fighters with a safe access route, proving it to be a good choice for a commercial environment. With its impressive insulation performance and wide range of uses, it’s not surprising that it meets Building Regulations.

Where Can It Be Used?

The reason why fire resistant glass is such a popular choice is because this type of glass can be used for a variety of applications. In most cases, glaziers in Sutton will install fire resistant glass in commercial buildings, because businesses will need to provide anyone who walks on their premises with a safe escape route. Due to the fact this type of glass meets safety standards and is in compliance with Building Regulations, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Does It Require Specific Edging?

When you get in touch with a manufacturer or supplier of fire resistant glass, he or she should be able to advise you on the best glass types. The type of edging you require will depend on the type of fire resistant glass you have, so make sure you consult with glaziers in Sutton before making a decision. Soda-lime glass is sensitive to edging and could result in premature failure. However, pane edge strength is increased when edging is applied, thus minimising the chances of serious deep cut injury. This means that it’s worth looking into this with a professional.

Can It Be Glazed?

Once you get fire protection glass fitted by glaziers in Sutton, you can start to think about the glazing options. Designed with sustainable fire safety in mind, fire resistant glass is available with varying levels of protection. Should you want to increase the expected fire performance, ask the glazier about fully tested and approved glazing systems. Glazing could increase the lifespan of the glass, and the job can be completed with single, double or triple units.

It’s not just fire resistant glass you can get fitted by glaziers in Sutton when you work with Spring Lane Glass & Glazing, because this established company also offers sandblasted and toughened glass.



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