Tree Services in St. Paul, MN Can Handle All of Your Tree Needs

Wind and severe storms can stress out a tree, without anyone being aware of it. Insects can destroy a tree from the inside out. Disease can overtake an otherwise healthy tree before anyone realizes it. One day a tree looks great, but a few days later it suddenly begins to wilt and droop. Not knowing what’s wrong can hinder any efforts to keep a tree from dying. A call to tree services in St. Paul MN can remedy the situation. Having a certified arborist correctly diagnose what’s wrong can minimize damage to a tree, while helping it to become strong and healthy again.

Storms and old age can cause tree limbs to weaken. When this happens, it’s important to remove any broken or dead branches as quickly as possible. Weakened branches pose a safety hazard and can split away and fall at any time. Having trees professionally trimmed can extend their life, while preserving their integrity and keeping them looking as natural as possible. A properly trimmed tree will only have strong branches remaining. in some case, bracing or cabling may be necessary to reduce the strain on larger limbs in order to preserve them. Cabling and bracing can also help to protect fragile branches from high winds, and the weight of excess snow and ice. Large limbs that are under a great deal of stress can often be saved when braces are used to secure them in place. This is especially true for older, more mature trees.

Eventually all trees will die. When this happens, tree services in St. Paul MNcan safely remove them from your property. They can also remove trees that are growing in undesired areas, or clear a space for another purpose. No matter why a tree needs to be removed, it should be done by a company that has years of experience, in order to avoid any costly or dangerous mistakes. Size and the proximity to any buildings or structures must be taken into consideration before cutting a tree down. Once a tree has been felled, the remaining unsightly stump can also be taken away or reduced by grinding it. If left intact, a stump can become a tripping hazard, as well as a haven for insects, such as termites and bees.

Trees can add value to any property. They also provide shade and protection too. Keeping them well maintained will add years of life to these valuable resources.

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