Hit by a Car? An Insurance Claim Attorney in Bremerton can Recover Damages

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Attorney

Bicycling has become a popular form of exercise for aging Americans. Bicyclists don’t have the protection of a car around them. They can be easily injured by a small tap of a car. So when a person is fiddling with their radio and hits a person on a bicycle, they can cause extensive injuries. Because the driver wasn’t paying attention, he considered to be a negligent driver. That means that the bicyclist is entitled to damages to pay for his medical treatment, lost income, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. In order to receive this money he has to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company. Most injured people hire an Insurance Claim Attorney in Bremerton.

The lawyer prepares a claim that shows the extent of the bicyclist’s injuries and documents that they were caused by the car accident. The claim then contains the total cost of the medical treatment. If the bicyclist can’t return to work, he is entitled to damages that will replace his income for the rest of his life. The insurance company can accept the claim and agree to pay it immediately. This doesn’t happen very often. Usually the insurance company rejects the claim and make a lower offer. The two sides negotiate and try and show that they will prevail. While most claims are settled out of court, the fear of a jury trial often makes the insurance company take the claim seriously.

Poor people may fear that they can’t afford to hire an Insurance Claim Attorney in Bremerton. They are wrong. American law understand this and wants every injured person to have an ability to negotiate with large insurance firms. Lawyers are therefore able to take cases on a contingency basis. They will be paid a percentage of any settlement they win for their client. Most lawyers will even meet with injured people for free the first time. This lets them determine if the person has a negligence case. If they do, they will take all of the risk in preparing the claim. People who are interested in speaking with insurance claim lawyers can Contact them here.



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