Holistic Childbirth: Must-Know Essentials

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Pregnancy and Birth

What is natural childbirth?

This refers to the process of giving birth without the aid of pain medication during the delivery. It’s also characterized by little or no artificial medical interventions.

Why do women choose a natural birth?

Pain medication can pose risks for the baby and mother. It can elevate blood pressure, cause nausea, slow or speed up the labor and make mommies feel a lack of control over the experience. By opting for a natural birth, women feel much more in touch with the birth experience, allowing them to in much better control of the birth and delivery process, KidsHealth says.

What is a holistic birth?

Natural childbirth is part of the holistic childbirth process. A holistic approach factors in all aspects of your life to help prepare you for the pregnancy, delivery and parenting in the best way possible. This includes your personal and religious beliefs, your personality, social and emotional as well as intellectual state, your lifestyle and health, along with your budget, among other things. By considering all of these, you can experience the healthiest pregnancy and the most natural labor progression you can.

What are the benefits of a holistic approach?

You can significantly reduce the discomfort and pain during the delivery. The right holistic approach can also help you improve your health so you’ll be in the best condition possible when you undergo the birth. And unlike drugs that could make you lose all sense of control over the birth, a holistic childbirth can help you get stay in touch with the experience. With a holistic approach, you’ll be in a much calmer frame of mind during the process. The less stressed and anxious you are, the safer and more comfortable you’ll be during the delivery. So if that’s the kind of delivery experience you want, consider the merits of choosing holistic childbirth services today.

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