6 Reasons You Should Hire a Birth Doula to Help You During Your Pregnancy

Support from another woman during your pregnancy can make a big difference. That’s one of the best reasons to hire a birth doula. Not convinced you need one? Read on:

Invaluable support

Your doctor is going to be in and out of the room throughout your labor. But your doula stays with you, the moment you enter the hospital until you give birth.

Pain relief

Lower back pains are normal during labor. To help ease the discomfort, your doula can apply pressure to key points in your body during the labor and delivery, Babble says. When you’re tired and exhausted after seemingly endless hours of labor, a little pressure that relieves your pain and discomfort can be a godsend.

Positive encouragement

It can be tough to maintain a positive outlook when you feel like your insides have been wrung dry—twice. A birth doula, though, can offer you the positive encouragement and motivation you need to keep pushing, no matter the exhaustion you feel.

Respect your intimacy

The best doulas out there offer you and your partner or spouse support and guidance throughout the experience. But they also have the sensitivity to respect your intimacy and allow you to spend time together as a family.

Relieve your anxiety

No matter how many books or videos you see to prepare yourself for the process, going through the experience is another matter altogether. Some women find their panic and anxiety growing in these situations. The supportive and reliable presence of a doula, though, can dramatically cut down on the anxiety and panic you feel. With a doula at your side, you’re more relaxed during the pregnancy.

Less stress

Less stress means you can undergo a natural birth with ease. Stressed pregnant mothers often end up needing an unplanned cesarean section, which results in longer times. With a natural birth, you’ll heal much faster.

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