There Is Money In That Old Junk Car

If you have an old junk car sitting alongside your house, it is not only an eyesore; it is a waste of good money. Long before a Chicago junk car completely deteriorates, sell it.

Preparing a junk car for disposal:

* Clean it out: Old cars are a lot like old houses, over time they end up being a catch all for all kinds of stuff. If you owned and drove the car for a number of years chances are good that there are things in it that you have long forgotten about. When you are disposing of a Chicago junk car don’t think that the junk yard personnel will go through the car and return what they find in to you; they won’t. Cleaning it out is your responsibility. You may be tempted to leave the old car full of trash and junk, don’t. Junk yards are not garbage collectors, if your car is full of trash they may refuse to take it and even if they do, chances are you won’t get top price.

* Look for parts that can be stripped off and sold: If you have already agreed on a price that you will sell it to the junkyard for then you are obliged to leave the car as is. If you have yet to make a deal, have a look to see if there are valuable parts that you can remove and sell at a better price. If the tires are in decent shape or the battery is relatively new, consider replacing them with old junk parts that you can buy and swap out. If the car is a total piece of junk its usually not worth the effort.

* Make sure you have the title: Although you are getting rid of a Chicago junk car, you are actually transferring ownership. Make sure you have the title, take off the plates and make sure the insurance has been cancelled.

Relying on a junk yard is a great way to rid your property of an eyesore, it is also a good way to turn “trash to cash” and help the environment by proving material for recycling.

If you want to get rid of a Chicago junk car a great option is to relay on Aero Auto Parts Let Aero arrange to pick it up and dispose of it and pay you cash on the spot.

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