Home Owner Insurance Policy Facts – What You Didn’t Know

After a natural disaster or some other such event, a homeowner insurance policy can provide just the right help that was needed. The financial protection that this type of insurance policy can provide is simply unmatched. This is even more so for the homeowner that lives in an area that is prone to natural disasters. If you are interested in learning more about your homeowner insurance policy, there might be some surprising facts that you didn’t know.

Saving on your policy based on your location

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that living closeby to a fire station or fire hydrant means that the home will actually cost less to insure. If you are a homeowner that happens to live right by either of these, you should inform your insurer right away. They will provide you with all of the facts pertinent to your home owner insurance policy so you can be aware of just what to expect whenever you need to file a claim.

Your home owner insurance company can’t cancel the claim without good reason

Another point of note about your home owner insurance policy is that the insurance company is not able to cancel the policy for no good reason. They must be able to demonstrate reasons such as the homeowner not paying the premium or for the homeowner making misrepresentations on the application. Any of these reasons will qualify but otherwise the home owners insurance policy will remain intact.

Remodeling may not be included

If you are planning to start a remodeling project, it may not be covered unless you update your home owner insurance policy. This should be done prior to making any changes to the home. Keeping these little known facts in mind can help when making decisions regarding your policy.

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