Why Marine Radios Are Important And Which One To Pick

Boaters everywhere shouldn’t go out onto the water without considering and purchasing marine radios. A radio is a necessary piece of equipment because it allows you to talk to other boaters, request help, and receive help calls and so much more. Of course, most people understand the necessity of such a radio, but may not be able to pick the right one, which is of the utmost importance, as well.

It does no good to have a radio that doesn’t work in your area or one that doesn’t reach more than a few miles away.

How To Choose

For those planning to go a few miles offshore, an MF-HF radio or satellite phone may be all you need. However, it should also have an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). Likewise, you should always have VHF marine radios on any boat or vessel you’re using. A cellular phone is also handy, though it may not work if you’re far away from the shore.

Mobile and satellite phones may be easier to use and provide clearer communication, but you’ll still need the radio to receive weather warnings and more.

How To Send A Distress Call

Marine radios are a necessary part of your boat or should be, but it’s also important to learn how to use it. If you must send a distress call to others, you’ll want to do so the correct way so that everyone else around can understand it.

The first step is to go to channel 16 on your radio. If that doesn’t work, you can tune to other channels as necessary.

You’ll speak the word Mayday three times, and then speak the words “this is” once. You’ll speak the name of your boat three times and then say your registration number or call sign once.

Afterward, you’ll repeat the word Mayday and your boat’s name. Next, you’ll need to provide the position of the boat by using the bearing or latitude/longitude. If you’re near to any landmarks, you can also mention these. Then you’ll say why you’re in distress, what assistance you need, how many people are onboard the boat and any other pertinent information. Finish the call by saying the word “over,” and wait for a response.

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