Improving On EMS Uniforms

When people think of uniforms in the EMS field or for first responders, there is often a natural tendency to think of the more traditional types of styles and designs. These are often a good option, but traditional medical uniforms are not durable enough and police or military uniforms don’t offer the functionality required.

The key to any of the many styles of EMS uniforms is to find an option that suits the various professionals working in the field as well as to offer a quality uniform that allows everyone to be consistently dressed to promote recognition as well as a sense of trust.

Many EMS workers don’t realize that the uniform they wear is a branding tool. People in crisis look to the uniform of the first responder and take comfort in the EMS uniforms as representing professional, trained and qualified people handling life and death situations.

With that being in the forefront, it is also important to make sure the emergency medical services team is dressed in uniforms that are comfortable and offer the options they need to be able to effectively and efficiently carry out their job.

Durable Uniforms

It is essential for any uniform used by an EMS company to be durable. After all, these uniforms will be exposed to body fluids, moisture, liquids and all manner of organic and inorganic materials at accident sites and even responding to calls in a home.

Uniforms that are stain and moisture resistant will be critical. This not only provides safety for the EMS team, but it also helps to provide a professional look for the first call or the tenth call of the shift.

Durable uniforms also offer pockets, pouches and secure storage areas. This allows EMS teams to have their basic equipment with them when they step out of the vehicle to respond to a call.

Comfortable Uniforms

It goes without saying that all EMS uniforms have to be comfortable. Cotton blend materials and breathable and moisture wicking fabrics are both durable as well as comfortable to wear.

Flexibility in the design of shirts and trousers will also be critical. When the fabric is able to flex and bend with the wearer, there is an ease in movement. Without worrying about binding, chafing and restricting movement the uniforms become a benefit to all EMS employees, providing the features they need without the impediments of poor quality uniform choices.

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