How a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City, Oklahoma Serves Clients

Oklahoma bail bond agents help defendants get out of jail until they need to appear in court. In fact, most area residents who are arrested quickly contact a bail bond company in Midwest City Oklahoma. Businesses like Ken Boyer Bail Bonds work closely with the court systems, which allows them to answer client questions about procedures. Every year respectful, courteous agents help thousands of clients remain free and take care of important matters.

Bond Agents Offer 24/7 Services

Most defendants are arrested for fairly minor offenses. The courts allow most of them to go free until they need to appear before judges. However, courts do want some sort of guarantee and will accept written contracts, or bonds, that promise the accused will not flee. That is where bail bondsmen come in. They offer 24/7 services and can often get clients freed within a few hours. Most defendants or their relatives learn About Ken Boyer Bail Bonds via the Internet or Yellow Pages. It is common for family members to call and pay for bail bonds. Bond is very important to communities as well as families since freed defendants do not miss work and lose their jobs. They can tend to their families and arrange for legal counsel.

Bail Bond Companies Offer Convenient Payment Options

A Bail Bond Company in Midwest City Oklahoma represents their clients to the courts. Agents write guarantee bonds and charge a fee. Most companies charge 10% of the bail amount. That means that if a judge has set bail at $5,000, the client must pay $500.Agents now generally accept cash or major credit cards. Some also allow cash-strapped clients to use collateral, such as homes, cars, or boats, to reduce flight risk.

Agents Ensure That Defendants Make Court Dates

When bond companies write contracts for clients, they become responsible for the entire amount of bail. As a result, agents do everything possible to make sure that defendants make all of their court appearances. Bond agents can arrest those who skip out. If clients meet all of their obligations bail bond contracts are voided and bondsmen, have no further responsibility.

Oklahoma bail bond companies help free clients who have been arrested. Respectful agents offer 24/7 service, guide clients through every process and make sure they meet court appearances.

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