How a Commercial Moving Company in Nashville Can Move an Office in Short Order

It may not be ideal, but circumstances may arise when an office needs to be moved in an extremely short period of time. Should a business, whether it consists of two people or an office of 100 employees, find itself in this situation, then it is best to follow certain guidelines and hire a commercial moving company. Nashville has many such companies that can ensure such a move is as manageable and stress-free as possible.

Make a Plan
Employees should be informed as soon as possible that a move will be underway. They should be given instructions on what they need to pack and a deadline for this to be done. For example, if a commercial moving company is moving desks and bookcases, employees need to be told that they are responsible for clearing and packing up their desks. In addition, one person should be put in charge of the move for their department.

Packing Day
Schedule a day, if possible that is set aside just for packing. This helps to get everyone involved and keep them on task and prepare for a speedy office move. Something simple can be ordered for lunch which not only keeps employees in the office so they can continue packing but also serves to show appreciation for their dedication to the task at hand. By the end of the day, the only items that should be remaining for the commercial moving company are desks, chairs, computers and other items that essential for completing work.

Cleaning Up
Once employee belongings are packed up, then office closets can be inventoried and cleared out of items that are no longer needed. They can be put in a box and donated to a local charity. If there is a kitchen, employees should take home any food they have left in the cabinets or refrigerator.

Moving Day
This planning and organization will enable the commercial moving company to quickly pack up what is left in the office and transport everything to the new office. Employees should be given the day off or have the option to work from home as people being in the office with nothing to do can be counter-productive. Only department managers should be in the office to oversee what should now be considered a successful corporate move.

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