How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs in Marlboro, NJ

Bed bugs are tiny, hide most of the day, and only come out when you are asleep. Their bites contain an anesthetic so that you keep on sleeping while the bed bug feeds on your blood. This makes it difficult to tell when a home has been infested with bed bugs until the infestation becomes so bad that you can see waves of them crawling about in your rooms. It should never have to get that bad.

Here are some tips on how to tell if you have Bed Bugs in Marlboro NJ.

Strange Dark Drops on Bedding or Furniture

When housecleaning or changing the bedding, have you found small dark brown or black spots? Perhaps these spots are permanently staining the fabric. There are two reasons for these spots. The first are the remains of bed bug corpses that found themselves smashed somehow. The second reason for the dark spots is the most likely reason-;they are piles of bed bug droppings. Since bed bugs feed on blood, their droppings look like drops of tar or dried blood. Bed bug droppings appear anywhere where bed bugs have been, including in electrical outlets, carpeting, walls, and even in or around the cracks of photo frames and mirrors. Call an exterminator like Freehold Pest Control at once.

Pale Lumps Appearing

Those pale lumps that are nearly impossible to remove from furniture, cardboard boxes, floorboards, suitcases and anywhere else you find them are bed bug eggs. Pale yellow lumps that are easy to remove are discarded exoskeletons of juvenile bed bugs. These lumps may or may not be found together with dark spots of droppings. If you find these lumps in one place, they will also be in many other places that you will not be able to find. It takes a professional exterminator to find all of the places where bed bugs, their eggs, and their larvae can hide.

Strange Smell

Rooms with heavy infestations will emit a strange musty or sweet odor. The smells are from piles of uncleaned bed bug droppings and also from the glands of living bed bugs. Insects rely on smell for some of their communication. When they are alarmed for any reason, their glands emit strong odors for such little creatures. If you smell this, you have Bed Bugs in Marlboro NJ.

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