How A Social Security Attorney Can Help With A Claim For Disability

A Social Security attorney is a legal professional that focuses his or her attention on representing clients that are claiming disability. A Social Security attorney in Rockford can be a significant asset, this is particularly true if the DDS, Disability Determination Services, denies the claim and the case moves on to the appeals stage.

There are Social Security attorneys that will take a case right from the initial application while others will wait until the initial claim has been denied. An attorney that works with a client from the outset knows from experience what medical records and supporting information is required and as such may have a better chance of getting the initial application approved.

Denial of benefits:

If your initial claim is rejected you are given the opportunity to appeal, you have 60 days in which to do this. This is when having a Social Security attorney in Rockford on your side becomes extremely beneficial.

There are basically three levels of appeal; a request for reconsideration, a hearing and a request that continued denial be reviewed by the Appeals Council. For those claims that have been denied, the best chance for having the initial decision overturned is during a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. At this stage, the advantages of having an attorney cannot be understated. Recent statistics indicate that of all the cases that come before the ALJ, a full sixty percent are subsequently approved for benefits.

It must be understood that there can be flaws in the initial claim as well as flaws in the initial examiners opinion. An experienced Social Security attorney in Rockford can spot any flaws and if necessary, submit updated medical evidence and an opinion of your current condition from your doctor.

A seasoned Social Security attorney in Rockford knows how to present your case in the best light. If you are disabled and unable to work you are invited to discuss your potential disability claim with The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown. For more information contact Follow us on Twitter for latest updates.

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