How Can a Real Estate Law Attorney in Chico, CA Help a Buyer?

Now that there is money for a down payment and pre-approved financing is available, the time has come to make the move from apartment dweller to the homeowner. For people who are purchasing their first homes, the idea of consulting a real estate law attorney in Chico, CA may seem a little odd; however, seeking advice and help from the attorney is one of the smartest moves a buyer can make. Here are some ways the legal counsel will protect the interests of the client.

Investigating the History of the Home

The last thing the buyer needs is for someone to come along two years later and make some legal claim on the property. One way to minimize the chances of this happening is to ask the real estate law attorney in Chico, CA to conduct a thorough background investigation of the home. This includes making sure the transfer of the deed was done properly each time. It also means looking closely at the descriptions of the property used for each of those transfers. If there are some details that vary significantly from one event to the next, those differences must be reconciled before the new sale takes place.

There is also the matter of liens on the property. Depending on the terms of sale related to each of the title transfers, a past buyer may have agreed to pay off an existing lien, but was able to work around that somehow. If the lien is still outstanding, it needs to be addressed by the current owner before the sale can go through.

Checking the Sale Documents

While most of the text of the sale documents will be boilerplates that are designed to comply with local laws and codes, it never hurts to have an attorney look at each one carefully. That is especially true if the buyer and seller have come to an agreement on something that needs to be repaired as part of the deal. If the seller has committed to replacing an older heating and cooling unit within six months of the sale, make sure that is included in the sales documents. If not, proving the commitment was made can be problematic.

For any real estate buyer seriously considering a property, visit website and arrange to consult an attorney. Doing so will ensure the deal does not turn out to be a bad one.

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