How Do I File for Worker’s Compensation?

When you’ve been injured, or have become sick while working, you could need to file for worker’s compensation to stay financially stable as you recover. Worker’s compensation offers many amazing benefits, such as medical care, partial wage replacement, and rehabilitation services. If you are going to be missing out on steady hours due to a workplace-sustained injury or illness, you need to invest in filing for worker’s compensation. With this in mind, you are likely asking yourself: how do I file for worker’s compensation?

To file a claim, you need to seek immediate medical attention regarding your injury or sickness. After this has happened, immediately notify your employer of the incident and your subsequent medical attention. Most states have a different number of days regarding the limitations of how long can go between injury, report, and filing. Due to this, always consult a disability attorney to determine how long you have to file. The range is so varied, that it is between two years to just a few days, but you should always try and file as quickly as possible.

Although it is rare, your employer may try not to cooperate with you when you file for worker’s compensation. In this case, always call your local worker’s compensation office, and get in touch with your attorney.

When your employer helps out with the process willingly, they will give you forms you need to fill out and submit as quickly as possible. After this, the burden of paperwork falls to your employer, as they have to claim employer’s responsibility and submit the paperwork to an insurer. In some states, you will also be responsible for filing a separate claim directly with your state’s worker’s compensation office. Once again, always consult your disability attorney to determine the specific procedure for your area.

If your claim is not disputed by any of the above-listed involved parties, you will be approved for worker’s compensation benefits. When this happens, you will be given instructions on how to properly submit your medical bills. They will use this information to determine your payment. However, this is often the least smooth part of the process. By having thorough documentation on your injuries/sickness, you can make this process as smooth as possible.

Unless you have a permanent injury, you will probably only receive compensation for your medical bills. However, if you will be temporarily unable to work in any capacity, you may get check to help cover your loss of wages. Normally, it takes about one to two weeks to begin getting worker’s compensation checks after being approved. Once you return to work, your employer will be responsible for requesting your worker’s compensation benefits to be discontinued.

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