How Do You Want to Make a Difference?

There’s n parable about a man walking along a beach when he sees a little girl throwing stranded starfish back into the ocean. He scoffs at her and says that what she’s doing will not make a difference, and that she’s wasting time and effort on something that nobody will notice. The little girl picks up a starfish and throws it back into the water, then turns to the man and says, “That one did.”

Small Changes Add Up

Change can be small, but enough small changes add up to something big, and this is how the doula movement was born. DONA defines a doula as a trained professional who gives a mother-to-be vital information, emotional support, and physical support through the stages of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. While the tide is turning against the excessive medicalization (and monetization) of pregnancies and women’s bodies, doulas are desperately needed even with new guidelines – just the bare minimum – to give women more say in labor and delivery.

All too often, mothers-to-be are kept uninformed of their choices, or given an excessively binary all-or-nothing offering. For instance, refusing an epidural means that nothing can be done for her pain, or that she has a choice in forgoing induction of labor and other procedures. On occasion, it is necessary to induce or to undergo a C-Section, and a doula can still be there to support and comfort.

Empowering Women

A number of women are choosing to help turn the tide and reclaim women’s birth experience for the woman. The support that a doula provides during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum can make for a better outcome for the mom, baby, and whole family. Whether it’s her first child or her tenth, every woman needs someone who is unequivocally on her side, working for the best outcome for her and her child. Holistic Beginnings is proud to offer certified DONA training for those who are interested in this rewarding career.

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