Common Causes of a Clogged Sewer Line

Sewer line repair in Atlanta, Georgia is not an uncommon service. All homeowners should be aware of the possible causes, as well as the signs that might occur should one of their lines become obstructed. This is because a prompt fix can help to prevent more severe issues from happening in the future.

Clogged Toilet or Drain

If you notice water backing up out of the toilet plumbing or a drain in your home, this is often the sign of a clog. In some cases, a drain might also make a gurgling sound when such a problem is present. Either the secondary lines or the main sewer line can become clogged. The blockages can result from a number of factors, such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, extra thick toilet paper, hair and other debris.

Tree Roots

One of the biggest causes of a sewer line becoming obstructed is tree roots. This is especially true in older homes. In older homes where the pipes may have been in the ground for decades, it is not uncommon for tree roots to have infiltrated them. These roots have the ability to also crush your lines and pipes, thus causing major problems. Gurgling noises and slow flowing drains are often indicative of this issue.

Old Lines

As lines get older, they might start to breakdown. This may result in a collapse, or debris and other materials having the chance to accumulate over time. If your lines are more than 20 to 25 years old, it is a good idea to have an inspection performed by a professional. They can help to spot issues before they become bigger.

As soon as you suspect a clogged sewer line, you want to reach out to a professional. They can come out, assess your system and determine if sewer line repair in Atlanta, Georgia is the right option for you.

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