Three Tips for Hiring a Roofer in Des Moines

It your roof has sustained damage during a tornado or severe thunderstorm, you need to be careful when you hire roofers to repair it. After strong storms, there are people who will arrive in the area offering roofing services that they may not be qualified to do. Here are three tips for making sure that you hire someone who is qualified to repair your roof.

Requirements for Roofers

A roofer in Des Moines doesn’t need to have a license but roofing contractors are required to be registered with the Iowa Division of Labor. Before hiring a company to fix your roof, ask to see their registration number. If they cannot produce one, then don’t hire them to fix your roof as they could be running a scam in your area to cheat people out of their money.

Ask About Insurance

Any business that does service at customers’ homes should be covered by liability insurance for their employees and any damage done to your property. Should a roofer get hurt while on the job, his or her employer’s insurance should take care of any medical expenses. Also, if your property is damaged by an employee of a company, the business’s insurance should cover the damages.

Get Written Estimates

Everything that a company such as Right Roofing & Siding, Inc. promises to do to fix your roof should be written on an itemized estimate. The costs of the materials, labor, and other services should be detailed on the estimate that you are given. Before you sign a contract to have the repairs done, make sure that the contract details everything included on the estimate. Question any changes to services or the prices that you were quoted.

By asking questions and getting written information, you can prevent being scammed by any roofer offering repair services after a major storm has passed through your area.

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