How Does Animal Control in Dallas, TX Work?

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should serve as a place for you and your family to relax, free of unpleasant surprises. It’s no shock, then, that when you find a rodent, snake, bat, or other critter living in your house uninvited, you want them gone as quickly as possible. If this has happened to you, the removal experts at Wildlife X Team are here to help you, providing safe and professional solutions to your nuisance wildlife issues. These experienced workers follow strict procedures to make sure their job is satisfactory. Here’s a summary of their work.

The 30-Point Wildlife Inspection

Every wildlife removal job begins with a 30-point inspection of the property, in which Wildlife X Team will identify the specific type of animal invading your home and decide what kind of removal is necessary, During this inspection the team will also look for entry points the animal could have used to enter your home, checking chimneys, air vents, gutters, loose bricks, nearby trees, and more. Wildlife X Team’s commitment to a thorough inspection is rooted in their belief that wildlife removal should be performed in a manner that is humane and safe for all involved.

Trapping The Animal

Wildlife X Team prefers to trap and transport the animal rather than killing it. Once the animal has been identified, they use professional equipment and experience to secure the animal as painlessly as possible. Wildlife X Team believes in doing quality work, setting the standard for Dallas, TX animal control. Part of that standard involves humane handling of the animal. This means you can expect the animal and its offspring to be relocated somewhere appropriate, and will only be put down if doing so is absolutely necessary.

Discouraging Repeat Visits

Dallas, TX, animal control means nothing if the pest can simply walk right back into your house. To prevent this, Wildlife X Team will provide you with control methods like traps, exclusion devices, and repellents to help keep specific creatures away. Additionally, a professional attic restoration program is available in which the team inspects your attic for insects, harmful parasites, and disgusting smells the pest might have brought with them. Wildlife X Team will dispose of any carcasses and droppings and reinstall insulation to replace damaged panels as needed. They’ll also check your home for proper ventilation.

The pros at Wildlife X Team are standing by, ready to help you with any wildlife control needs you have. No matter what critter is in your house, their experience and dedication to standards will make the process easy!

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