How Experts Pair Art and Technology to Create Headstones in Connecticut

Businesses that create stone memorials are an important part of the funeral industry. Like other experts in their field, they are sensitive to their clients’ feelings and trained to help them make the best choices in difficult times. Specialists like Shelley Bros Inc help customers create the ideal Headstones in Connecticut. Their experts provide design help, traditional craftsmanship and restoration services.

Caring Professionals Offer Design Help

Families who need Headstones in Connecticut often have definite ideas about memorials, but no experience dealing with cemeteries. As a result, monument designers often begin by explaining any restrictions that burial grounds may have. For example, military cemeteries may require that markers be uniform in size, color and style. Some graveyards only allow foot or head stones. However, specialists take the time and care to make even the simplest markers elegant and memorable. When cemeteries allow a wide variety of choices, experts help clients design custom headstones.

Craftsmen Create Stone Artwork

Most gravestones are created from marble, granite or bronze and decorated using age-old carving techniques. Today craftsmen who have mastered this art also use technology. They listen carefully to clients’ ideas and use software to create renderings of possible designs. Once customers have chosen stone types and colors, artisans help them choose fonts, inscriptions and artwork that is meaningful to them. They also strive to create durable memorials that will blend in gracefully with their surroundings.

Specialists Offer On-Site Restoration

In addition to completing new gravestones on-site, professionals will travel to cemeteries and restore older memorials. They routinely clean and restore markers and then re-letter them. Professionals offer hand etching and can work with many materials, including brick, wood and granite. They are careful to match original fonts, lettering and colors. They are experts at matching stone finishes and lettering. Technicians also add new inscriptions to existing stones in family plots and can modify information.

Professionals in the monuments business are especially sensitive to their clients’ needs since they often work with grieving families. Their design teams carefully walk customers through the process of designing graceful memorials that will remain beautiful for many years. Craftsmen also provide on-site lettering, carving and restoration services for existing stones.

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