How Sand Blasting in CT Restores Cemetery Markers

Most cemetery markers, headstones, foot stones, monuments, and memorials are made of porous materials. Granite, concrete, marble, and bronze, for example, are the most common materials utilized. They are strong and durable but can be eroded and damaged when subjected to high-pressure power washing using water. The pressure forces water particles into engraving, details, and carved designs. The water accumulates, freezes, and causes the stone to crumble, crack, or wear down. Even low- pressure power washing with water can prematurely erode stones. Using chemicals on stones has the same effect and should be avoided.

Sand Blasting in CT cleans, restores, and polishes cemetery stones without causing any of the damage that water does. Sand, at low pressure, strips away dirt, mold, debris, and fungus from old stones. It does not invade the porous materials, so damage is not likely. This form of maintenance is also less intrusive to the surrounding stones because the sand does not spread out, interfere with, or splash neighboring monuments or markers. Many cemeteries have specifications and protocols in place to preserve stones. Power washing with water is prohibited in several private and public cemeteries. Family members and maintenance providers are advised to learn about specifications prior to commencing with any major cleaning or restoration project. Another option is to hire an experienced monument company, such as Shelley Brothers Monuments, for example, that is familiar with the regulations of most Connecticut cemeteries.

In addition to Sand Blasting in CT, an experienced company can help individuals and families select markers, stones, and monuments that reflect personalities, style preferences, and budgets. A simple grave marker, for example, may be all that is needed to remember a loved one with respect and dignity. They are often used to denote cremation urns buried in the family plot or used to indicate the passing of a family pet. Customized stones are available since all work is completed on-site by experienced professional craftsmen. Large monuments are typically chosen to signify a large family plot or mausoleum. Pre-selection is provided for families who have discussed what they want and wish to have it created before the need arises. Materials, color choices, details, and pricing can be explained at the time of selection.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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