How To Find The Best Metal Fabrication Kent WA

When production would benefit from innovative machine design using Specialty Metals, it may be time to outsource metal fabrications to a trusted company in your area. There are a few key elements to consider when deciding which Metal Fabrication in Kent, WA company to choose. Developing a systematic approach to interviewing Specialty Metals companies will pay off with quality craftsmanship and a long working relationship.

Neatness Matters

Plan to visit at least three metal fabrication sites. A visit in person will reveal more than you can learn over the phone. First, assess the neatness of the facility. Are the outside of the building and the grounds well maintained? Do operations inside the facility seem to be organized? Notice if corners and points of egress are free from stacked boxes and scraps. When a company makes an effort to keep a neat and well-maintained facility, it tells you this company will take just as much pride in the quality of their work on your project.

Strike Up Conversation

Begin your visit to the fabrications facility by asking about their experience. How long has this company been in business? How do they train employees with precision fabrication, cutting, and welding? Inquire about the facility’s safety record. Understand every facility can experience a safety violation, but look for straightforward responses as opposed to avoidance. A representative who converses easily about the company will be trustworthy, informed and easy to work with.

Project History

Spend time inquiring about the company’s completed and contracted projects. An experienced company will willingly provide a gallery of past projects. Are the projects creative and finished with precision? What was the turn-around time for projects similar to yours? Are they backlogged with new work? Notice the names of other companies who have contracted with this metal fabricator. Contact those companies for a review of their experience with this fabricator.

Compare Pricing

Gather information about pricing and completion time from at least three companies to get a firm understanding of fair pricing that’s competitive. Ask about materials. Does the company disclose upfront where they source their steel, copper, and aluminum and what grade they use? Beware of significantly low prices. Paying more for top quality fabrication will pay off over time.

Gathering information in person from at least three fabricators will give the upper hand in project negotiations. Visit website today for top Metal Fabrication Kent WA.

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